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Light Of Joy Ministry


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Name: katende Nickton.

Tell no. 256781768387.

Country: Uganda.

District: kasese.



To capture potential partners who would wish to improve the welfare of the unprivileged through basic training and Education! Offers free Education to the orphaned at the primary level.


Light of joy ministry (LJM) is a non-profit Organization fully dedicated and committed to supporting needy children with Education together with poor families in the community of Hima, a poverty-ridden region in Western Uganda.

We support the neediest children and Vulnerable Adults in the community.

As it is well said, that to teach one how to catch a fish, the ministry has tried to set a piggery project to best instill knowledge to the young generation to grow up with it so that they can manage to live on their own when they’re grown enough.

We established a small school so the young ones can pursue their education! But a big, modern good school education can make the difference between poverty and prosperity. Therefore, we strive to provide a good quality education to all children to be sent to school.

We strongly believe that all of our children deserve a better chance to fulfill their potential and to reach the goals they set for themselves.

Thes sponsorship includes school fees(mostly of private modern schools) clothing (school uniforms and casual wear) school materials such as books, pens, bags, charts, toilet rolls, and daily food, etc.

In a nutshell, a good school education offers children many opportunities in life and opens up doors that would be shut for them forever.